Thank you for considering Kristin Nicole Photography for such a special occasion. At Kristin Nicole Photography understands the importance of your wedding and we want you to remember it with photographs that can be treasured forever. We shoot over one hundred weddings for couples from all across the globe each year. The studio provides wedding photography service to all of the major hotels and other private wedding companies. So…., in order to receive your wedding date, please book six to eight months in advance.

We understand that every wedding couple has budgetary concerns. However, you should not base your decision solely on price and quantity. Wedding photography is not a generic product. Given our photographers knowledge and talent, we are competitively priced and our packages are designed to suit your needs.
A 50% deposit of the wedding package desired reserves the photographer’s time for your wedding date. An additional 50% is payable at least one week prior to the wedding. Our goal is to photograph al the traditional poses and any groups or candid that you desire.
Our wedding collection prices are based on fixed time periods. If additional time is requested, it will be charged at $75.00 per hour pending availability.
Our studio takes pride in presenting a beautiful finished proof album only three weeks after the wedding. it is from this album that your final selections will be made, creating a personal wedding album to be cherished for years to come.

All preview albums must be returned to our studio within four weeks from check-out date.

Negatives are the property of our studio. Exclusive rights to use of negatives material and reproductions, including copyright, are reserved by the studio.

Choose one of our wedding packages below

Economical Wedding Packages

The three economical wedding packages below are photographed using 35mm film which does not allow for quality enlargements bigger than 8×10. Packages come with 4×6 proofs and one mini album.

Econo Pac. 1
Wedding day coverage: 3 hours
120 – 4×6 proofs
Call for price!
Econo Pac. 2
Wedding day coverage: 2 hours
90 – 4×6 proofs
Call for price!
Econo Pac. 3
Wedding day coverage: 1 hours
60 – 4×6 proofs
Call for price!

Wedding Giveaway

Create your own Wedding package by selecting the specific amount of hours desire to cover your wedding day. The total cost of your package will be applied to the cost of your enlargements. The wedding day coverage is free. Package also include a photo CD proof album. Photography hourly rate: $ call for pricing

8×10 ………………. Call for price!
5×7…………………. Call for price!
Minor Retouching: Enlargements are digitally retouched for the perfect print.

Family Albums
(15% Discount if purchased prior to wedding)
60 – 4×5
80 – 4×4
120 – 4×5
Call for prices!
Bridal Portrait Session
Basic Deluxe
1 – 8×10 2 – 8×10
9 wallets 4 – 5×7
9 wallets
Call for prices!

Deluxe wedding packages includes wedding day coverage, 8x10s, 5x7s, 4x5s, and proofs of your wedding photos on a photo CD proof album. For paper proofs, add $55.00 per roll (must order before day of wedding)

Deluxe Pac. 1
Free Enlargement session
1 — 8×10 Portrait
2 — 5×7 Portrait
Wedding day coverage: 3 hours
10 — 8×10
12 — 5×7
32 — 4×5
Call for prices!
Deluxe Pac. 2
Free Enlargement session
2 — 8×10 Portrait
2 — 5×7 Portrait
Wedding day coverage: 4 hours
17 — 8×10
10 — 5×7
32 — 4×5
Call for prices!
Deluxe Pac. 3
Free Bridal Portrait session
2 — 8×10 Portrait
3 — 5×7 Portrait
Wedding day coverage: 6 hours
20 — 8×10
24 — 5×7
32 — 4×5
Call for prices!

Selecting your wedding photographer

Since your photographer is an important part of your wedding, you should begin your search as early as possible. Quality photographers are booked months in advance. Below are some criteria you should consider before you make your final decision:

  1. What kind of educational background/experience have you had in developing your photographic technique? Have you earned recognition for your photography?
  2. How many weddings have you photographed? How many do you photograph each year?
  3. Do you use a professional medium format camera or a 35mm camera?
  4. Whom from your studio will photograph my wedding and can I see some of the weddings that you have photographed?
  5. What will it cost to photograph my wedding and how many images will I have to select from?
  6. Can the photography be customized to my specific needs?
  7. How long will it take to see our wedding images and how long will it take to complete the finished album?
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Portrait Packages

Portraits capture special moments in time. Let Kristin Nicole Photography capture those priceless moments in your life. Here are a few helpful tips and guidelines we found work best in helping us create a portrait you will cherish forever.


  1. Dress to bring out your personality. Your wardrobe should complement and enhance your portrait, not overpower it.
  2. The face is the main focal point of a portrait. You should avoid clothing that draws attention away from your face, such as clothing with large prints or patterns.
  3. For family or group portraits, collaborate styles and colors of clothing so subjects complement each other.
  4. For casual portraits, consider casual outfits in earth tones or jeans and middle tones. Deeper solid colors works best for formal portraiture.
  5. Avoid mixing formal and casual clothing styles in the same portrait.
  6. For lighter backgrounds, white or pastel colored clothing is preferred and middle tones while deeper solid colors work best for dark backgrounds.
  7. Keep your look consistent from head to toe, making sure to wear shoes and socks that match your wardrobe, style, and color.
    Hair, Makeup, and Jewelry
  8. Wear your hair in style that complements your facial features.
  9. Avoid wearing heavy applications of makeup.
  10. Keep your makeup natural and fresh.
  11. With the exception of a fashion shot, jewelry and other accessories should be simple. Avoid large, heavy pieces of jewelry.
    Note: If you wear glasses, you may want to wear them for your portrait.
    For special effects, a prop can often make a portrait more interesting. You might consider bringing a musical instrument or a piece of sport equipment that relates to your interest.
    Baby Portrait
  12. A well rested baby will help ensure that everyone enjoys the portrait session, so make sure the baby has napped before the session.
  13. Feed your baby before the session in order to avoid his/her being cranky.
  14. Choose comfortable clothing, perhaps an outfit that reflects a particular occasion. For example, a christening or birthday outfit.
  15. Avoid busy prints or bold colors that will detract from the child’s face.
  16. Bring suitable toys or mementos to serve as a prop that will add to the individuality of your child’s portrait.
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